BRT Unveils Stunning Indigenous Round Liveries

BRT Unveils Stunning Indigenous Round Liveries

Blanchard Racing Team (BRT) has unveiled two striking new liveries for the 2024 Supercars Darwin Indigenous round. The No. 7 Snowy River Caravans and No. 3 CoolDrive Racing Mustangs will both showcase unique designs that celebrate and support Indigenous culture.

BRT have collaborated with talented Indigenous artist Ky-ya Nicholson to create these eye-catching liveries. 

Ky-ya Nicholson, a Melbourne-based First Nations artist, worked alongside Snowy River Caravans and BRT to design the fiery red, orange, and teal livery for the James Courtney’s No. 7 Mustang.  At the heart of the livery design is the wangim (boomerang) symbol, which serves as a powerful representation of the driver's exceptional talent and skill – much like the boomerang, an instrument that requires mastery.

The livery design includes a black meeting place on the bonnet, representing unity, storytelling, and connection. It also highlights the cultural significance of water and embraces the diversity within the racing industry. Additionally, the design symbolises collaboration and resilience for everyone associated with Snowy River Caravans and BRT.

Andrew Crank, Snowy River Caravans CEO, shared his pride in featuring this exceptional artwork on the No. 7 Mustang.
"We are immensely proud to celebrate Indigenous culture through our collaboration with Ky-ya and BRT in designing the striking livery for the Snowy River Mustang,”

“This livery design truly embodies the spirit of unity, storytelling, and resilience, as well as showcasing the diverse contributions of all individuals involved with Snowy River Caravans and BRT.”

Ky-ya also assisted in the design of the iconic blue CoolDrive livery for Aaron Love’s No.3 Mustang.

The design celebrates Indigenous people, their cultural heritage, and their deep connection to the land. This intricate blue livery is sure to catch the eye of Supercars fans as it races around the Hidden Valley racetrack in Darwin. 

BRT Team-Co Principal Tim Blanchard shared his enthusiasm for the Darwin Indigenous round, stating, "We have worked closely with a talented Indigenous artist in Ky-ya to create some striking liveries to showcase Indigenous culture,”

 “These liveries embody our team's values of moving forward as a collective and continuously striving to be better, while celebrating the diversity of people in our team." 

As the Supercars head to Darwin's Hidden Valley racetrack, fans can expect an inspiring display of artistry and cultural significance on the track.

The betr Darwin Triple Crown is set to run from 14-16 June 2024 at Hidden Valley Raceway.