CoolDrive & Supercars Go Next Gen

CoolDrive & Supercars Go Next Gen

As one of the key suppliers to the Supercars Championship for its Gen3 ruleset, CoolDrive Auto Parts is gearing up for the commencement of the 2023 season.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for CoolDrive Auto Parts as an integral supplier to the Supercars teams in the development of the new Gen3 Ford Mustangs and GM Camaros,” said Mathew Nilsson, Business Development Manager – Performance at CoolDrive Auto Parts.

“CoolDrive has significantly increased our involvement with motorsport in Australasia in recent times, notably with the integration of Racer Industries into the business and of course the Blanchard Racing Team, which will field vehicles in both Supercars categories this year.

“The CoolDrive-backed Blanchard Racing Team’s Gen3 Mustang is in the final build stages now, following Supercars beginning program development in earnest in 2020.”

Supercars has approved CoolDrive to supply an exhaustive list of Gen3 components including bodywork latches, electrical sensors and hardware, filters, fire extinguishers, flywheels, fuel systems, heat shields, steering columns, starter motors, steering racks and hardware, steering wheels, wheels and windscreens. 

“The list that CoolDrive has been approved to supply for the Gen3 cars covers all aspects of the vehicles and continues to grow, as the Supercars category recognises the efficiency with which the CoolDrive business operates,” continued Mathew.

“The supply of parts by CoolDrive will be three-fold, utilising our relationship with existing Racer Industries suppliers, our existing supply chains, products and suppliers, both of which will be complemented by the establishment of new supplier relationships.

“The Supercars teams located across the country require not only the timely distribution of the initial parts and assemblies to build the cars in the first instance, but of course ongoing supply and support to keep the Gen3 cars running throughout the Championship.

“The approval process of Gen3 parts is controlled by Supercars, in consultation with the manufacturers to ensure they meet the design and operational requirements of the vehicles. When a product receives approval for use by Supercars, CoolDrive will step in to coordinate the purchasing, importation, and distribution to the team.”

CoolDrive’s distribution centres will form the primary basis for the warehousing and distribution of approved parts, supported by the ever-expanding branch network across Australia. 

While at race events, a select range of spare parts and components will be available for Supercars teams via the Blanchard Racing team transporter, with selected Championship events also hosting the Racer Industries trackside store.

“CoolDrive is looking forward to supporting the Supercars category and teams this year and will continually review opportunities to increase our level of support with any new parts and products that the market demands,” concluded Mathew.

In a further display of its motorsport prowess, CoolDrive is also handling the supply of category-specific items for Super 2 and Super 3, including the control wheels, fire systems and fuel cells for the Supercars category, where Racer Industries is the sole appointed supplier.

The 2023 Supercars Championship Series will begin in Newcastle from 10-12 March, 2023